Spider Boom Lifts for Every Purpose

Accessing tight and narrow sites is not a problem anymore with quality spider boom lifts from All Star Access Hire. We have a spider lift for every job. With our spider boom lifts, you can now let your workers to safely repair, maintain or construct even in elevated locations, uneven terrains or in narrow incoming passages. Therefore, they make an excellent choice for tough jobs. Right from construction to bridge maintenance, they make your job easier everywhere. They can be used in places where uneven and rough ground conditions are an issue.

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Featuring modern boom technology, our equipment offer outstanding up-and-cover reach as well as great flexibility. The light-weight construction and compact dimensions of our spider boom lifts make them perform well in congested or confined working areas. They come with position stabilizers, which help you to get good ground clearance even on soft, boggy and difficult slopes. These equipment can also assist you while working inside huge structures or while performing facilities maintenance. Our equipment make an ideal choice for fitting into a building’s foyer or interior of the shopping centers.

Equipment You Like at Prices You Love

At All Star Access Hire, we offer superior quality spider boom lifts at reasonable rates. We only offer top quality equipment from some of the leading manufacturers. Therefore, when you buy or rent any equipment from us, you can expect unmatched performance. Our spider boom lifts are highly versatile and are available in different heights. This makes them a perfect choice for working in tight spaces.

Apart from spider boom lifts, we also offer other types of track mounted lifts. Furthermore, we have friendly staff who will guide you in finding the right equipment for your needs. If you still have queries, just post them online or email them to admin@allstaraccesshire.com.au. Our professionals will ensure that all your queries are addressed. You can also directly get in touch with us by calling us on (03) 9397 3555. We look forward to help you.

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