Efficient and Versatile Manlifts

Whether you are into jobs that have weight restrictions or would want to access those difficult-to-reach areas for various generic purposes, we have vertical manlifts that cater to all your needs. Our vertical manlifts are suitable for numerous purposes, including applications in high-rise buildings, shopping centers or any other type of indoor slab jobs, which have weight restrictions and access constraints. Therefore, you can now easily work even between narrow and racking aisle areas. We have push around manlifts that easily go around the standard doors. These can quickly be set up and also offer good stability.

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You can use our manlifts for maintenance work at your office, factory or commercial complexes. Being high in quality, these vertical manlifts are suitable for a variety of applications. They can be used for facilities’ maintenance, generic maintenance work as well as factory fit outs, to name a few. So, while working in tighter areas or where light-weight machinery is needed, we offer a comprehensive range of vertical manlifts for you to choose from.

Well Maintained Fleet for Superior Results

At All Star Access Hire, we know the importance of well-maintained equipment. Therefore, we have fleet that are under 3 years to ensure that all our customers will get superior results when they hire our equipment. Furthermore, as we are constantly buying, we are aware of all the different equipment and their applications. Therefore, you can discuss your requirements with us and we will recommend the best possible equipment for your job.

In order to serve you better, all our access hire equipment are available for demonstration and inspection before the purchase. Besides, all the new equipment come with full warranty and are backed by manufacturers support. Furthermore, equipment downtime certainly costs money. For this reason, we offer quality servicing and maintenance to keep the equipment completely functional.

Quality Manlifts are Just a Call Away

If you have made up your mind to go with our manlifts, then just call us on (03) 9397 3555. You can also post your queries online or write to us at We would be happy to help you.

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