5 Things You Must Know About Boom Lift Equipment

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The industrial sector has to handle multipurpose projects that need their technicians to work at heights that are hard to reach. They have to hire access equipment to finish the job. Aerial platforms are the best equipment that helps these people meet their varied needs.

Aboom liftis a type of aerial platform that can move both vertically and horizontally allowing height access in all directions. These are also known as cherry pickers or man lifts. This equipment is very useful in construction sites, industrial work, outdoor tasks.

These are very safe aerial platforms for technicians. They can securely reach heights and access difficult to reach places compared to other lifts. Let us have a look at five things related to these lifts. By the end of this blog, you will have a basic but clear idea about these useful lifts.

The Basics of Boom Lifts

Let us start by knowing the basic components. There is a platform covered all around by net mesh and railings resembling a bucket. This helps the person inside to be safe while working and not fall off. These lifts are extremely stable and reliable, have high mobility with increased safety.

The platform is attached to a grounded base through a single long arm or a multi-fold arm. A hydraulic lift system controls arm movement. This allows the arm to extend out and reach the needed height. The grounded base is mobile and can be driven around.

The Available Types

There are two types of lifts available of this kind.

  1. Articulated: These have knuckle arms, so also known as a knuckle boom lift.
  • Features a variety of arms
  • Can reach heights up to 18 feet to 126 feet.
  • Best for constricted or crowded spaces where movement is restricted especially around complex structures
  • Suited for rough terrains
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  1. Telescopic: These have one arm, so also known as a stick boom lift
  • Features a single outstretching arm
  • Can reach heights up to 45 feet to 85 feet
  • Best for open spaces where movement is not restricted and around rectangular structures
  • Suited for all terrains
  • Can only be used outdoors

These are the two types of lifts available in this category having distinct features and differences. There is also a special type of lift known as atrium lifts otherwise known as crawler lifts which fall under this category. This is used as an alternative to scaffolding.

The Advantages

Let us now have a look at the advantages of these lifts:

  • Light in weight compared to other lifting machines
  • Easy setup and simple operation
  • Towable options available up to 70 feet
  • Purpose-built for tasks requiring height access
  • Can be hired from equipment hire companies
  • Low-maintenance aerial platforms
  • Have emergency stop functions
  • Have wind speed indicator
  • Easily moves into position
  • Ground operated and controlled

The Disadvantages

There are a few disadvantages of these lifts which are:

  • Have smaller platforms so can hold only fewer materials and workers
  • The hydraulic system cannot move very fast
  • Machine-room control must be efficient to prevent overheating of piston oil
  • Usually costs more compared to other lifts

Industries that use Boom Lifts

Lastly, let us quickly look into the industries that benefit from these lifts.

  • Heavy industries: These lifts facilitate technicians in the power or energy industry, oil refineries, mining industry, construction industry, electrical industry, heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Commercial industry: Best for hanging signs, painting ceilings and walls, lighting works, etc. in retail outlets, stadiums, hotels, offices, warehouses, shopping malls and related places.

Some other industries include the entertainment industry (theme parks, cinemas), demolition industry (removing materials), agriculture (accessing tall trees to pick fruits).

From the above mentioned 5 sections, you must have gathered good knowledge on this equipment by now. These lifts are no doubt very useful in most industries.

However, it is not necessary for every company that needs these lifts to own one. They can hire access equipment today that come with the following benefits:

  • No investment of capital
  • Low rental cost
  • No paying taxes and licence prices
  • Get serviced life each time
  • No headache with storage
  • Maintenance is on the rental company

This proves that hiring these lifts are more beneficial. Now after reading this, if you are looking for a boom lift hire in Melbourne, make sure that you get it from All Star Access Hire. They are equipment specialists having an extensive range of hi-tech equipment and constantly upgrade by adding new machines.

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