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Almac is all about trailblazing tough terrains with innovative technology and unrivalled stability.


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Taking on tough terrains with Almac

When you combine high performance, innovation, and a constant drive to satisfy customers, you get Almac. For a decade, this award-winning brand has provided real access solutions across multiple industries worldwide, giving you strategic access when it’s needed most. Hiring an Almac from All Star will simplify your worksite, streamline your operations, and maximise your access potential.

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Find out why Almac is versatility on tracks

The benefit of using an Almac track-mounted knuckle boom on your worksite is the level of versatility and reliability you enjoy. With a maximum load capacity of 230kg, a working height of 12.2 metres, and a minimum width of 1.15 metres, this knuckle boom will help you reach the most difficult places. Add to these features a dynamic self-levelling system that guarantees safety and efficiency, and it’s clear why you should choose an Almac.

All Star: Access beyond compare

If an Almac knuckle boom is what your operations need to reach the next level, why not get in touch with the friendly team at All Star. Aside from our superior customer service and our industry-leading fleet of access vehicles, we take the steps necessary to ensure your job is done efficiently, from 24/7 breakdown support to routine vehicle maintenance. Choosing All Star means owning today and tomorrow.


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