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JCB: A revolution in access

Since 1977, JCB has been the gold standard in access equipment, epitomising the highest levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance. JCB machines are now the staple of industries worldwide, from construction and agriculture to mining and logistics. When you choose a JCB telehandler from All Star, you’re choosing a brand that will make your operations next-level.

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Unleashing the power of a JCB telehandler

Durability, reliability, and quality are the three pillars that form the foundation of every JCB machine. Each has an exceptional load capacity and a chassis built to resist long-term corrosion. They also boast axle feet designed to absorb the immense equipment stress from continuous heavy material handling. Simply put, a JCB telehandler delivers every time.

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Helping worksites through better access is what we do at All Star. We choose only the most reliable brands to partner with so that your operations can achieve higher efficiency across the board. With a rigorous maintenance program that ensures our vehicles are always ready to go and a breakdown service that never lets you down, All Star is the access partner you need. 


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