Smooth operations: How to choose the right access equipment rental company

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If you work in construction or logistics, there’s a point in every project where you need access equipment to get the work done. Given the scope of most projects in these industries, how you approach this step is often pivotal to the project’s success. 

When you’re in the planning stages of the project, you’ll likely have a bunch of questions that need addressing before you go ahead and acquire the right access equipment, also known as Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs). 

But which questions are the right ones to ask, the questions that will help save you time and money? Let’s look at what you should consider before hiring access equipment. 


Understand your project needs

It’s an obvious place to start, but critical nonetheless. Before you commit to a particular access equipment rental company, thoroughly assess your project. Scope, scale, the lot. Doing so will decide the access equipment you need, which is crucial as all types are different. There’s little to gain from hiring a scissor lift and hoping it will also do the job of a telescopic boom lift.  

If you want your project assessment to be watertight, book a consultation with All Star. Our experienced team can give expert advice onsite to ensure you choose equipment that aligns perfectly with your needs. That way, you can say goodbye to guesswork and delays. 


Know your budget

As critical as understanding your project needs is understanding your budget. Everything starts (and stops) with your budget. There’s no getting around it. Knowing what access equipment you can afford can mean the difference between staying on budget and blowing it entirely. 

Planning your budget will also help you decide whether it’s better to rent or buy access equipment. Both options have benefits and drawbacks; again, it’s a balance between your project needs and the finances you’ve set aside to meet those needs. 

At All Star, we can help you decide either way. We can provide access equipment solutions tailored to your budget, no matter its size. If hiring access equipment better suits your needs, we provide you with competitive rental rates and transparent pricing for short and long-term projects. On the other hand, if buying is the more financially astute choice, we have new and used EWP equipment for sale. It’s the best of both worlds. 


Does the company have the access equipment you need? 

Okay, you’ve assessed your project and understand your budget. Now it’s time to ask the access equipment rental company a few questions. Namely, what equipment do they have in their fleet? A rental company that only specialises in boom lifts mightn’t be the right partner if your project will likely need a range of different equipment. 

The advantage of partnering with All Star is that our fleet is young and varied. From electric manlifts to rough terrain scissor lifts to track-mounted spider boom lifts, we have access equipment to suit any project, application, or industry. No matter how large or small, simple or complex your worksite is, if you work with All Star, you won’t have to deal with anyone else. 


Are they a good company to work with?

Customer service and support. Without these pillars holding up a rental company, the other attributes can often mean little. A company can promise the best prices and boast the most extensive fleet. Still, if it lacks excellent customer service and support, it’s easy to forget the other things and choose someone else.

Right from the start, All Star was built upon a foundation of friendly customer service and end-to-end support, driven by a desire to always consider your needs first. Need reliable, efficient equipment transport to and from your worksite? Check. Want to use vehicles kept in top shape through meticulous, routine maintenance? Check. Like the sound of breakdown support available day and night, no matter the hour? All Star has your back. 

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Ready to make All Star your access partner?

Choosing the right access equipment rental company isn’t a decision to take lightly. If you approach this decision with patience and consider exactly what’s needed for your project or work site, you remove any undue weight it may hold. Partnering with All Star, your access equipment needs become one less thing to worry about. So, why not get in touch today, and together, let’s get your project completed and your worksite humming!