Essential guide to access equipment safety when working at heights

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Working at heights using access equipment can be a high-risk job. Though most access equipment comes with robust safety features, there are still measures you need to take to get the job done safely. This guide covers everything you need to know about using the appropriate equipment and gear, assessing risks, implementing control measures, and adhering to industry standards. 


Staying safe when using access equipment

Wear appropriate PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential in the industries that access equipment commonly serves. PPE can help workers avoid various injuries by protecting vulnerable areas of the body such as the head, eyes, hands, feet, and respiratory system. Encouraging personnel to use PPE every time they enter the worksite is important.    


Run regular equipment checks 

One of the most fundamental parts of access equipment safety is checking machines before and after use. Equipment should be regularly assessed by a suitably experienced person to ensure it is still in good working condition. At All Star Access Hire, we keep our equipment well-maintained and serviced and can perform any safety checks before your machines are delivered.


Use the right machines 

Safety when working at heights is also related to machine choice, as equipment should only be used for its intended purpose. There is a piece of equipment for almost every job, and if you are unsure which machines to choose, we can help. We offer on-site assessments, where we visit your worksite and advise which equipment will best suit your needs. 


Boom lift safety

Boom lifts are commonly used in construction, maintenance, and other industries to provide access to elevated areas. While boom lifts are convenient and efficient, they can also pose significant safety risks if not used properly. To ensure boom lift safety, follow the below guidelines and other safety protocols. 


Clear the area

The area underneath a boom lift should remain clear of obstructions and people who could be harmed by dropped tools. 


Get training

All operators of boom lifts need to be trained and may need the EWPA Yellow Card and the WorkSafe WP Licence


Use harnesses

Remind your workers always to strap their harnesses to the bucket to prevent falls and other injuries while at heights. 


Pay attention to weight capacity

The weight capacity of your boom lift is important to keep in mind. This will include all personnel and tools. Make sure you stay under that figure. 


Place machines correctly

Communicate the necessity of correct machine placement to avoid the danger of workers leaning out over platforms and potentially falling. 


Be aware of hazardous weather   

Wind can be a hazard for boom lifts, especially when fully extended. Always be on the lookout for extreme weather conditions when using booms. 


Essential guide to access equipment safety when working at heights

Manlift safety

Manlifts are great for reaching heights indoors, but there are certain safety precautions for manlifts that must be abided by to protect personnel and property. 


Don’t overload your manlift

Overloading your manlift can cause it to tip over, so pay attention to load limits for the safety of all personnel.


Follow safety protocols 

Don’t move a manlift while the platform is raised, and always use safety harnesses to prevent falls. 


Look above

When using an EWP, overhead dangers should always be taken into consideration. Overhead beams and power lines pose real risks. 


Use as directed

Each EWP should be used only as intended for maximum safety. Don’t use a manlift to carry building materials, for instance. 


Keep equipment maintained  

Maintenance is a crucial element of safety around EWPs. At All Star, we keep our young fleet of equipment well-serviced. 


Work safely at heights with All Star Access Hire

At All Star, we have safety top of mind. That’s why we keep our machines well-maintained and offer a 24/7 emergency breakdown phone line should you experience any trouble. We’re there for you every step of the way. 

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