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We understand that on some jobs, you need to meet low emission standards, that’s why we offer electric equipment for hire.


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We own one of the youngest hire fleets around, with cutting-edge technologies to help you meet your objectives faster and safer.

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With the right equipment on your worksite, it’s never been easier to get the job done. Unfortunately, many businesses across Melbourne fail to get the right equipment for elevated work platform hire delivered to their worksite. When you don’t have the right EWP hire equipment on-site, performing all those necessary tasks becomes challenging. There are also the additional costs involved with booking a new piece of equipment when the right one isn’t secured the first time around. That’s why we offer on-site assessments to ensure you get the right equipment for elevated work platform hire for your needs. With one of Victoria’s most modern fleets of access equipment available, we can almost guarantee you’ll get a new boom or lift that’s under three years old. Our equipment is maintained by our team of mechanics, including EWP for hire, and delivered by the most efficient drivers available in the industry today. With the right equipment on-site, you’ll have everything you need to get the job done safely and efficiently.


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    Frequently asked questions

    You have nothing to worry about when it comes to EWP hire equipment because we deliver it straight to your site. We have our team of delivery drivers who are incredibly efficient so that you know that your equipment will arrive on time in the exact right place. When our drivers are in high demand, we may also avail ourselves of trusted subcontractors to help us meet that demand.

    If you’re new to choosing from elevated work platform hire equipment, don’t worry, we have a flawless process for assisting you. All we do is visit your site and look around and listen to your needs. Our free site assessment determines your job and access requirements to recommend the best EWP hire equipment for the situation.

    Yes, we do. We can usually help you find other vital equipment for your site and the most popular elevated work platform hire models. We can also book other equipment like portaloos, light towers, and scissor lift trailers and deliver them to your worksite. If you doubt whether our team can source some gear for you, don’t hesitate to ask.

    When it comes to EWP hire, we offer a premium service, with all the bells and whistles. When people compare two companies, they are often not considering the scope of the services provided or valuable aspects of the customer service experience that is part of the package. We seek to be competitive, but we don’t compete on price, as that is only one aspect of our services. Half the battle for elevated work platform hire is choosing the most appropriate equipment for the job. We offer an advantage in this respect with our free site assessments, which steer you onto the right track in choosing equipment for your specific need. Like we always say, we seek to partner with you to help ensure the success of your business. We are your trusted advisors for EWP hire.