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The typical nature of gas forklift hire means that these machines are easily repaired and maintained, with parts readily available. A gas forklift in Melbourne is an example of the most common forklift. Our gas forklift models offer easy and convenient refuelling, which helps to keep operators working at high efficiency.

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Here at All Star, we have one of the youngest fleets of machines of all different kinds, including gas forklifts. If you need a gas forklift in Melbourne, we can help you find the exact model that best suits your needs. If you know you need a forklift, but you’re not sure what kind, book in for an on-site assessment today. An evaluation allows one of our experienced team to come to your worksite and use crucial criteria to evaluate what kind of equipment will help you the most to meet your objectives. It cuts out much guesswork and allows you to get on with your operations sooner and complete them more efficiently.


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    Frequently asked questions

    According to Work Safe Victoria, you need to successfully obtain a high-risk work licence, in the class of a forklift truck operation licence (LF). See our training page for more information on licences. 

    Yes, we do offer transportation of equipment and gas forklift hire. Just let us know where you want your machinery delivered to, and we will gladly oblige.

    If you know you need a forklift, but you’re not sure if you need a gas forklift in Melbourne or an electric or rough terrain model, let us figure this out for you with an on-site assessment. One of our team members will come directly to your site and determine your priorities in terms of your operations, then make informed recommendations based on the information you provide to us and our inspection of your site.

    A gas forklift in Melbourne is easy to maintain, repair, and refuel as its components are standard in the industry. Usually, a gas forklift in Melbourne will provide an edge over its electric and diesel counterparts in terms of performance. While you must usually use a diesel forklift outdoors due to its fumes, gas forklift hire is suitable for outdoor and well-ventilated areas indoors.