How much does it cost to hire a boom lift?

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Are you thinking about getting a boom lift for construction or renovation work on your site? You may consider purchasing one for long-term or continuous operations. But, most companies have found it is actually more cost effective in the long run to hire a boom lift whenever necessary. Renting a boom lift will pay for itself each time and is the most convenient way to get work done saving you time and money, when you factor in additional expenses like working height of the platform you need and transportation of equipment from point A to B.

The cost of hiring a boom lift then depends on various factors like the type of boom lift you require, your location, insurance, transportation, maintenance etc. Every access hire company charges differently, but bargain-basement prices may not always guarantee reliability. So we at All Star make sure you get great bang for your buck with a 24/7 breakdown service and customer service to go with our young, high-class fleet of access equipment. Here’s what you need to know when considering the cost of hiring a boom lift.

Types of boom lifts

Generally, you have two categories of boom lifts to choose from. A telescopic boom lift or straight boom lift has a straight stick arm that extends horizontally to reach its maximum height. They offer greater horizontal outreach than any other platform, enabling you to access high areas otherwise hard to reach. An articulated boom lift has jointed sections in its arm that offers extra flexibility when reaching spaces at different angles.

At All Star, we also have further options available based on their tracks. We have rough terrain boom lifts available in both telescopic and articulating models that are perfect to handle workscapes with uneven ground. Or for even more flexibility and reach, the spider boom lift is a great compact option ideal for tight spaces found in indoor work. Different heights of boom lifts will naturally affect the hire price.

Environmental costs

While it is not a ‘visible’ expense, more and more companies are choosing to use environmentally conscious operations because of the long-term irreversible costs associated with excess fuel emissions. Electric boom lifts have therefore become a popular option for when you need access equipment that can efficiently do indoor work with zero emissions and less noise than their diesel counterparts. Our fleet also includes hybrid boom lifts that utilise fuel-electric power to tackle rough terrain and longer hours.


The location of your worksite also impacts the cost of hiring a boom lift, including costs such as transport tax in Victoria and the competition between access hire providers in your area. Do not fret about getting our machines to you: All Star has a dedicated truck service that can quickly transport your boom lift to and from your worksite quickly and safely. We also have a range of portable access equipment that you can carry on your own trailer and save on transport costs for smaller operations.

Machine condition and maintenance

Often you will find that older boom lifts can come at a cheaper price for hire. But the downside of hiring older pieces of equipment can be that they require more frequent maintenance than younger lifts, incurring additional costs to your wallet. There may also be a risk of the boom lift breaking down midway through a job. All Star’s young, constantly updated range of boom lifts ensures you do not worry about additional maintenance costs and simply get the job done.

An access hire provider that gives you full value for your money

When you hire a boom lift from All Star, you are not just paying for the piece of equipment alone. You benefit from the services of a highly experienced team and customer service, including our 24/7 breakdown helpline. We know it’s hard work running a site and we’re here to make it easier on you with access equipment that actually does the job. So contact us today to find out what we can do for you and choose from our complete range of boom lifts for hire.