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If you’re working on a new site and you need a good elevated work platform (EWP) to work at heights, you may feel overwhelmed by the range of equipment available for hire. There are so many external variables to consider as well: What heights are you working at? What is the terrain like? What about moving tools and personnel around?

Luckily, we at All Star Access Hire are here to sort you out. We offer on-site assessments to determine the best machinery for your project, using the wealth of experience we’ve gained about access equipment in Australia. Here is a guide to the important factors you should consider when choosing the right access hire equipment for your worksite.


Height considerations

This is often the first variable you need to take into account when choosing the right access equipment in Australia. Some EWP machinery have limited capability when it comes to reaching great heights. A manlift is good for quick access to smaller heights in a stationary position. But when you need to reach further, working on large projects such as high-rise buildings, a boom lift is a better recommendation. All Star Access Hire stocks a versatile range of boom lifts, including knuckle and telescopic booms, capable of reaching up to 125’.


Level vs rough terrain

Not all EWP machinery that can reach great heights will necessarily be suited for uneven terrain. This is a common situation faced by access equipment in Australia, and you will see most machines designed for rough terrain come with outriggers or stabilising legs. At All Star Access Hire, we have a large selection of rough terrain boom lifts that can handle any ground from smooth to gritty. In addition, we offer track mats for hire to protect both the surface and the tyres while you go about your business.


Manoeuvring in compact spaces

There are certain workspaces that restrict the movement of your machinery, especially public areas or indoor worksites. This also affects the space you have to set up your machinery, and you will have to look at EWP with a smaller platform size. Scissor lifts have larger platforms and are useful when you also want to transport extra tools and equipment around your site. However, when you need to reach tight corners or go around and over obstacles, a boom lift is the ideal choice. For the combined challenge of compact spaces and rough terrain, All Star Access Hire stocks several track mounted rough terrain lifts in our fleet.


Environmental impact

In more recent times, worksites are laying extra emphasis on the emission levels and carbon footprint of their processes. When it comes to choosing the right access equipment in Australia, you need to consider if it will impact the overall green rating of your project in any way. With advancements in EWP technology, electric boom lifts and scissor lifts are becoming highly popular options for getting work done reliably and efficiently with zero emissions. In addition to these, All Star Access Hire also offers a variety of hybrid boom lift options, to easily switch between electric and diesel operations for when the situation demands.


Get the best access hire equipment guarantee with All Star

We’re not simply an access hire supplier. We’re a family-run all-Australian company that treats our customers like family. In addition to our on-site assessments, we offer you honest and dedicated service complete with our 24/7 breakdown line. All our equipment is young and regularly tested to match up to all current standards, so you can be assured you’re working with only the best access equipment in Australia. Get a quote with us today for your next big project in Victoria.