How Versatile is a Boom Lift?

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A boom lift is a highly adaptable piece of equipment and can be conveniently used for various applications. With a boom lift, it is possible to reach elevated areas that are otherwise difficult to access. Boom lifts increase productivity, efficiency and represent the safest way to work at heights.

A boom lift is also referred to as an aerial work platform, elevating work platform or cherry picker. Available in a variety of different models, you can choose one that precisely suits the requirements of your job. Read on to know what makes this equipment versatile and the preferred option for various industries.

What is a Boom Lift?

boom liftA boom lift provides easy access to elevated areas and is designed to reach heights safely. It can be adapted easily to suit the needs of your job and is a very versatile piece of equipment. The boom lift can be positioned conveniently both vertically and horizontally. Moreover, the flexibility of the machine makes it the right choice even for compact areas with obstructions. There are different types of boom lifts available and some even have the working platform equipped with electrical outlets, air lines and on board generators.

Types of Boom Lift

Broadly, boom lifts are of the following two types:

  • Telescopic Boom Lift (Straight Boom)
  • Articulating Boom Lift (Knuckle Boom)
  • Track Mounted Boom Lift
  • Spider Boom

The telescoping boom lift is designed with one extendable arm. It can stretch to a wider area and is suitable for sites that have more working space. If you have a clear line of sight to where you need to reach, then usually a telescopic boom is the machine for you.

The articulating boom lift consists of segmented arms, or “knuckles” that can be extended based on the requirement. This feature makes the machine highly resourceful for reaching areas that are curved or have protrusions. If you need to reach up and over an area, then an articulating boom is the machine for you.

Choosing the Right Boom Lift

Each boom lift is equipped with features to suit certain applications. When selecting a boom lift, it is important to assess the requirements and factors like the work area, the nature of the terrain, the weight of the machine and the work area.

The electric boom lift is often preferred for its clean and quiet functioning. For a heavier requirement in an outdoor area, the diesel boom lift is a great choice. When working on rough terrain, a diesel boom lift is sometimes a better option. However, these days, there are a variety of hybrid booms that can suit both indoor and outdoor use.

Looking for boom lift hire in Melbourne?

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