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Designed to enhance safety and productivity in Victoria's thriving agricultural sector, our high-performance equipment is built for the tallest and toughest jobs.


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Elevating agricultural services with innovative access solutions

Whether you’re pruning plants, installing or inspecting equipment, repairing building structures, or moving heavy loads, our elevated work platforms (EWP) can support the efficiency and safety of the agricultural and landscaping sectors in Victoria. We offer reliable, high-quality access equipment that can help you reach the top of the tallest trees or transport the heaviest produce pallets and bags of feed. All of our machinery and equipment are well-maintained and regularly tested to ensure they meet the safety standards of your site. We also provide free on-site assessments so we can recommend the perfect equipment for your project needs.


Equipping agribusinesses

Our fleet of high-performance lifts and track-mounted equipment are built for height and heavy-duty work. 

  • We’ve got boom lifts that can reach heights of up to 30 metres, making them ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas.
  • Our scissor lifts and manlifts can provide a stable work platform for tasks at heights of up to 15 metres. 
  • Then, our telehandlers and forklifts are perfect for moving heavy loads and materials around the worksite.

We have electric options and equipment designed for rough or uneven terrain to ensure you can always get the work done safely.

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