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From boom lifts to forklifts, we provide access solutions for working at heights and handling materials in the aviation industry.


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Access equipment is essential for the smooth and efficient operation of the aviation industry in Victoria. Our machines help ensure that Melbourne aircraft and airport facilities are safe and secure for both passengers and workers. So whether you’re inspecting or repairing an aircraft, handling heavy cargo and baggage, or maintaining airport facilities, we’ve got the right equipment for every kind of task. Each of our elevated work platforms (EWP) are maintained and primed for peak performance and safety. We regularly test every machine to ensure they meet industry regulations and stay in excellent condition.


Providing comprehensive access solutions

Working at heights is a given in the aviation industry, and we’ve got the perfect access equipment to ensure safe operations. 

  • Our boom lifts offer vertical and horizontal reach, making them essential for working at heights in tricky areas.
  • The scissor lifts we offer enable you to lift personnel and tools vertically up to 15 metres.  
  • Our telehandlers and forklifts are useful when loading and unloading materials. 

With electric, no-emission machines for indoor jobs and diesel models for the more rugged outdoor terrain, we always have the right equipment to suit your needs.

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