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In commercial and retail spaces, regular maintenance, construction, and renovation work requires quick and reliable access to high-level areas. Our robust fleet of elevated work platforms (EWP) can accommodate each of your project’s unique parameters and height requirements. We can even provide personalised recommendations for the most suitable equipment with our free onsite assessments. We consider all site conditions, offering electric options for indoor use and rough terrain machinery for outdoor projects. And since commercial and retail projects often involve the public, we ensure the safety of everyone onsite by keeping our machines in top condition with our equipment maintenance and repair services.


EWP solutions for the business sector

In commercial environments, where presentation is paramount, the appropriate access hire equipment is essential.  

  • Our boom lifts offer superior vertical and horizontal reach for accessing even the most challenging spots.
  • Our scissor lifts ensure comfortable elevation for routine maintenance tasks or for moving stock. We also offer compact options for manoeuvring around small store aisles and warehouse spaces. 
  • For efficient material handling, check out our telehandlers and forklifts.

We also have electric machinery which allows you to work indoors without emissions, and they’re quieter than their diesel counterparts.

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