Our heavy-duty EWPs offer the ideal combination of safety, material handling, and site clearance for all your demolishing and dismantling projects.


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The demolition industry in Victoria demands versatile and reliable access equipment capable of reaching great heights and navigating challenging terrains. Whether the job involves demolishing tall structures, removing debris or materials from upper levels, or accessing confined spaces, our extensive fleet of elevated work platforms (EWP) provides the necessary reach and manoeuvrability to get the work done safely. Our consistent equipment maintenance and repair services ensure that all machinery remains in optimal condition, meeting all industry safety standards and requirements. We also offer onsite assessments to help you make informed decisions about the right equipment for your project.


EWPs for demolishing and dismantling projects

Our heavy-duty range of equipment is ideal for providing safe access, efficient material handling, and site clearance.

  • Our scissor lifts and manlifts provide elevated work platforms for workers to access higher areas safely.
  • Our boom lifts can extend and manoeuvre in multiple directions, perfect when working on multi-story structures.
  • For transporting materials and equipment, such as debris or construction materials, our forklifts can carry up to 2500kg.
  • Or for materials handling at heights, we have telehandlers for lifting and loading.

For demolition projects that deal with rough or uneven surfaces, we have a range of electric and rough terrain options.

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