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For an industry that requires routine maintenance, periodic repairs, and inspections of infrastructure, we offer a diverse range of access equipment, facilitating the operational efficiency and safety of the Victorian energy sector. Our machinery is ideal for servicing overhead lines and wind turbines or installing and moving equipment. All of our elevated work platforms (EWP) are routinely tested and maintained to ensure they remain in peak working condition. We understand that the constant uptime requirement in energy production makes our equipment maintenance services and 24/7 breakdown support crucial for minimising downtime.


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Both our electric models and rough terrain options enable seamless operation in diverse conditions, whether in wind farms, solar installations, or traditional power plants.

  • Our scissor lifts and manlifts are perfect for workers who need to service or install equipment at heights.
  • Or for those hard-to-reach areas, our boom lifts offer more flexibility as they can extend horizontally and vertically.
  • We also have telehandlers for transporting heavy components, such as solar panels or turbine parts.

We also offer reliable, on-time equipment delivery to your Melbourne worksite.

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