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The events and entertainment industry in Melbourne, known for its dynamic needs and challenging environments, demands flexible, efficient, and reliable access equipment. Whether it’s setting up concert stages, putting up lighting rigs, or arranging complex set designs, our machines make these tasks safe and streamlined. Our extensive range of elevated work platforms (EWP) are regularly tested and maintained to keep them running at peak efficiency, ensuring the continuity of event preparations and operations. Because we understand that every minute counts, our 24/7 breakdown support minimises downtime. Plus, our equipment transport service takes the stress out of logistics.


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Our electric lifts enable operations in indoor venues without emitting harmful fumes, while rough terrain options ensure that outdoor events are catered for, even in less-than-ideal ground conditions.

  • For setting up and dismantling event structures or sets, our scissor lifts and manlifts provide stable work platforms.
  • Or, for more difficult lighting and sound installations, our boom lifts can reach heights and angles.
  • Our forklifts can be used for loading and unloading heavy equipment and transporting it around the site.
  • We also have telehandlers for when you need to lift up heavy equipment like stage elements or sound systems.

If you need guidance, our onsite assessments provide expert equipment recommendations, assuring you have the right tools for your specific needs.

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