We offer robust and reliable access solutions and services to support the complex operational needs of the industrial sector.


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Whether you’re in a small-scale industry or doing large-scale outdoor work, we’ve got the ideal EWP equipment for your operational needs. Understanding that manufacturing, production, and industrial work often happens around the clock, we offer 24/7 breakdown support, ensuring minimal disruption to workflow. Combined with expert equipment maintenance and repair services, you can count on the uptime and reliability of our machinery, which is critical for industrial productivity and safety. For spaces that are hard to reach or tricky to manoeuvre in, we can come to your worksite, assess the environment, and recommend the most suitable equipment for your industrial setting.


Industrial strength access solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of access equipment to meet your unique and often complex operational requirements. 

  • We have scissor lifts and manlifts for moving personnel and materials vertically in areas with limited access, such as warehouses or factories. 
  • Our boom lifts provide a stable platform for cleaning, maintenance, or installation tasks.
  • While our forklifts and telehandlers are crucial for transporting heavy loads.

At All Star Access Hire, we’re here to help streamline operations and boost efficiency while ensuring workplace safety.

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