Telescopic vs articulated boom lift: What’s the difference?

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A boom lift is a versatile piece of equipment that simplifies construction work in many industries. Different projects have different needs, and there are many varieties of boom lifts for hire with different functionalities, including telescopic boom lifts and articulated boom lifts.

If you’ve considered a boom lift hire in Melbourne but are not sure which type of model to choose for your project, read on to know how each of these lifts is distinguished from each other and how you can best utilise them.


What is a telescopic boom lift?

A telescopic boom lift has a straight stick arm that can extend horizontally to its maximum reach, hence why it is also called a straight boom lift. Their capability for great horizontal outreach makes them immensely useful in industries such as construction, painting, and facility management. All Star Access Hire offers telescopic boom lift hire for up to 125’.


Pros and cons of a telescopic boom lift

The biggest advantage of a telescopic boom lift is its extended horizontal outreach, with quick extension so you can get your work done faster at full height. They are especially useful in outdoor applications, to reach across tall buildings or bridges. Both electric and diesel options are available and often require little maintenance.

Most telescopic boom lifts nowadays come with four-wheel drive capabilities and oscillating axles for maximum manoeuvrability over the ground. Some models have great 4WD capabilities and so can handle rough terrain with ease, but they are generally more recommended for even terrain applications as the straight boom offers limited circular movement.

If your work operates within a clear line of sight, then telescopic boom lift hire in Melbourne is the best option for you. But if your worksite has plenty of confined spaces and you need to reach up and over a structure or obstacle between you and where you need to reach, then you may want to consider an articulated boom lift.


What is an articulated boom lift?

Unlike a straight boom, an articulated boom lift, as the name suggests, is divided into multiple sections which can articulate using the joints. This extra flexibility allows the lift operator to reach around objects at different angles or between confined spaces and other complex areas in a safe and efficient manner. All Star Access Hire offers a great variety of articulated boom lift hire options, including diesel rough terrain, electric and electric rough terrain.  The electric and the electric rough terrain units have the added benefit of clean energy and minimal emissions.


Pros and cons of an articulated boom lift

As stated earlier, the articulated boom lift is the ideal choice for reaching spaces that are difficult to access, where a straight boom cannot. This makes them highly useful for both indoor and outdoor applications; for indoor work, an electric option is usually preferred as it emits less noise and has zero emissions.

Both articulated boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts provide stability when manoeuvring over rough terrain, combined with four-wheel traction. They ensure operator safety while working in circular directions, even over uneven ground. However, the operator will still need to ensure that the ground surface is flat enough for the boom lift to elevate in order to maintain a safe working environment.


Looking for telescopic or articulated boom lift hire in Melbourne?

It is always recommended to hire a boom lift to save on operation and maintenance costs. At All Star Access Hire, we have plenty of options and equipment to choose from, including telescopic and articulated boom lifts. We use our years of experience to help you decide what type of boom lift hire in Melbourne is best suited for your project. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.