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When you’re in charge of the logistics for your construction site, there’s no time to waste waiting on your machinery to arrive. That’s why you need heavy machinery transport that you can rely on. 

Firstly, you don’t want to be adding further safety risks to your site by transporting equipment yourself. Secondly, you need a reliable service provider who will meet agreed-upon arrival dates without delay. This will allow you to finish your work easier and with less drama. 

You can rest assured that All Star’s equipment transport service ticks all the boxes and boasts many benefits for your operations. 


Access the right trucks or trailers

If you’ve just bought access equipment and now you need to transport it, you might be in for costly purchases of trucks or trailers to facilitate this process. Buying trucks and trailers outright can cut into your profits on a project. 

You need to know which trucks or trailers are the right models to suit the equipment you’re transporting. When you invest in your own truck or trailer, you might be limited in what equipment you can transport, and you will also be fully responsible for the safety measures involved. 

That’s where All Star can step in to help. We have trucks for every kind of equipment transport, and we make safety our first priority. Since we’re always transporting our own equipment to various locations, we have lots of experience.


Get a good deal

Rather than buy your transport trucks outright, you could benefit from our equipment transfer service, saving you money in the long run. If you’re already hiring or buying equipment from us at All Star Access Hire, we can offer you a fair deal on our transport service. That way, all relevant safety checks and protocols are already done, as we efficiently deliver your equipment to your worksite. 

We have highly experienced truck drivers familiar with heavy machinery transport who map out a direct route for delivery that can accommodate heavy, wide, and tall loads. It might seem like a piece of cake delivering equipment, but there is actually a lot of preparation and knowledge involved. 


Let us handle the permits

Sometimes, when transporting heavy, wide, or tall loads of equipment, you must have a permit to be on the roads. Obtaining these permits is important because you might be fined or miss out on crucial safety training or processes if you don’t. 

When you do everything yourself, this will be one more time-consuming responsibility for you. But when you allow All Star to help, we can handle this matter as part of our service, giving you more time to return to your more important business activities. 


Receive your equipment on time

Often, you might be under the pump on a worksite with project deadlines looming. The last thing you want is for equipment to go astray, causing further delays and inefficiencies. 

When you invest in a reliable equipment transportation service, you know everything will run like clockwork. You will have your equipment safely in operational condition at the right place and time. This will ensure that nothing holds up your operation, and you can meet those tight deadlines without stress. 


Get started with All Star’s transport service today

At All Star, we hire out a lot of equipment. But that’s not all we do. We also offer ancillary services such as maintenance and equipment transport to ensure you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to access machines. Our experienced truck drivers will deliver your equipment on time and in perfect working order. 

Contact us to find out more about equipment transport.