The benefits of hiring a forklift

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There are lots of benefits of hiring a forklift. Compared to a forklift for sale, forklift hire is more affordable, which makes for easier financial planning. The rental agreements also have more flexibility to meet your current company needs in line with seasonality changes. 

You don’t have to worry about the depreciation of your machine and can even claim forklift hire as a business expense. Maintenance is looked after by the rental company, who are also there to give you the right advice when needed. If that’s not enough, explore more benefits of hiring a forklift below. 


Cost efficiency

Forklift hire is a cost-efficient way of accessing the equipment you need for your business without making a substantial lump sum payment. A forklift for sale could cost tens of thousands of dollars, more for new or electric models

When aiming for accurate financial planning, forklift hire just makes more sense. It will be one regular amount to pay rather than the varying purchase costs, repairs, and maintenance required with buying a forklift.  



Many businesses nowadays fluctuate in their activity level with the seasons. Perhaps you need extra forklifts at one time of the year, and at another, you need fewer forklifts. These needs can be easily accommodated with forklift hire. 

Buying a forklift locks you into a certain equipment model and only provides one forklift for a huge cost. Forklift hire, however, is flexible, with the ability to add or subtract from the number of forklifts you hire to meet your current requirements. If your activities change, you can easily add another forklift model to your fleet to cover any new requirements or tasks.


The benefits of hiring a forklift


No depreciation

One of the negative sides of purchasing equipment is the rapid depreciation of machines. This depreciation needs to be taken into account on your tax return for your business. It’s one more thing that a tax accountant needs to calculate for you, and it shows just how much the value of your equipment is depreciating, even very soon after your purchase. 

In comparison, forklift hire can often be a tax-deductible expense, as it refers to equipment that helps bring in income for your business. 


No maintenance

When you purchase a forklift, you automatically become responsible for all the maintenance on the machine. 

Or, you could let All Star Access Hire take care of it for you. We will maintain your equipment and our young hire fleet at your request. We conduct scheduled maintenance and 10-year testing on all our machines for hire. Not only that, but we also have a 24/7 emergency phone line so that if one of our pieces of equipment does break down, we’ll be there ASAP to replace or repair it.  


The benefits of hiring a forklift


The right advice 

Ultimately, when you partner with us at All Star Access Hire, you are not only paying for forklift hire, you get much more for your money with our specialist industry advice. We can even conduct an on-site assessment for you. We come to your work site and determine exactly what forklift you need. This process ensures that your project runs even more efficiently as you start with the right equipment from the get-go. 


24/7 emergency coverage with All Star Access Hire

You don’t have to worry about machines breaking down on you when you hire from All Star Access Hire. Our emergency breakdown phone line covers you any time of the day or night. We’ll come out to you and either fix or replace your equipment so you can get moving again sooner. 

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