What is a spider boom and what can it do for you?

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9 Important benefits of a spider boom


Need a spider boom on your worksite? Here’s what you need to know

Many different types of mobile elevating work platforms are available on the access hire market. For example, here at All Star, we stock everything from scissor lifts to boom lifts, manlifts and track mounted equipment. How do you know what to choose when?

To help you out, we offer an on-site assessment that considers the conditions on your site and what you need to achieve by when. Contact us today if you need assistance choosing equipment, and we’ll sort you out.

If you’re wondering what a spider boom is all about, you’ve come to the right place. Below we talk about spider booms – what they are and what their benefits are.

What is a spider boom lift?

A spider boom lift is a form of aerial lift that is very compact and has four outstretching legs that provide greater equipment stability and leveling capacity. Spider booms lifts are self-propelled and can easily be moved into tight corners. They can cover territory that a traditional boom can’t.

Spider booms were invented in the 1970s by the Falck Schmidt brothers. They wanted to design equipment that could reach 170 feet but also had the dexterity to work indoors.

What are the benefits of a spider boom?



A spider boom is similar to an articulating boom lift because both have hinges on their arms for greater flexibility. This fact means they can move more easily around obstructions. They reach up to 100 feet, depending on the chosen model.


Spider booms are so compact they can be attached to a trailer and towed by a ute or small truck. Most other boom lifts require a dedicated large truck for transporting.


Many spider boom models are now powered by petrol or battery, which offers you more flexibility in terms of where the equipment is used. Areas where pollution and exhaust are not permitted are no longer out of bounds for many spider booms.


Spider booms are ideal for a whole host of different environments. They are robust enough to be used outside but small and compact so you can use them inside without trouble.


Some spider booms can be packed down to a box as small as 30 inches by 6 feet tall. You won’t find another kind of boom that can do the things that spiders can. They are a unique bit of equipment.


Many spider booms have a load capacity of 176 to 500 pounds. This feature means they can carry relatively large loads while also moving into tight spaces where other booms cannot tread.



Most spider boom models have the option of tracks. These are very beneficial features. They can help spread the load of a machine, which is handy when there are limits on the load a floor can take.


Spider booms are specialised pieces of equipment, and therefore can complete jobs that standard equipment can’t. Operators need to be familiar with their distinct features. At All Star Access Hire, we provide such training.


You can use spider booms in various weather conditions, including hot and cold weather. However, you should never use them in hazardous conditions.

There is a range of access equipment that you can hire. From various load capacities to the reach height you require, even down to the types of terrain you’re working on to get the job done, we can offer equipment to suit your site. To see what type of spider booms you may need for your job site, check out our range of spider boom models currently available for hire.