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 What to consider when hiring a boom lift


Are you deciding on equipment for boom lift hire? Are you wondering what you need to know? 

  • What type of boom lift do you need?
  • What is your worksite environment like? 
  • Have you requested an on-site assessment?
  • Have you considered site restrictions? 
  • Do you need a specific reach? 
  • Have you made a value comparison? 

Read on to learn more about boom lift hire. 


Types of boom lift 

Perhaps the first choice you need to make for boom lift hire is which kind of boom lift suits your purposes? There are at least two different types of boom lifts for hire.

Telescopic boom lift

Telescopic boom lifts for hire are sometimes also called straight booms, as they extend in a linear direction to altitudes of more than 150 feet, depending on the capacity of the boom lift. They are commonly used on outdoor sites and can provide significant reach. By protruding outwards, a telescopic boom can quickly move an operator to the desired location at heights that otherwise would not be reached. Usually, telescopic boom lift hire is perfect for a single operator.

Key takeaways:

  • Provides more reach
  • Can be used outdoors
  • High operational speeds
  • For single operators
Articulated boom lift

Articulated boom lifts for hire are also known as knuckle booms due to the way the boom folds and is hinged to reach heights where there are obstructions or confined spaces in which a telescopic boom would not fit around. Articulated boom lifts for hire can come in sizes up to 150 feet. They are popular for indoor applications, with limited space and less room to manoeuvre. Also used by a single operator, articulated boom lifts for hire are often chosen to help complete complex projects or tasks.

Key takeaways:

  • Suitable for confined spaces
  • Can overcome obstructions more easily
  • Models for indoor and outdoor use
  • Operate from multiple positions 


Worksite environment 

You may have already considered the worksite environment and its surroundings. Whether you’re working outdoors or working in confined spaces indoors, these different locales demand various kinds of access equipment, and a certain type of boom lift to get the job done. For example, if you are outdoors on uneven ground, you may require a rough terrain or a track-mounted machine.

If you are working indoors, you may need to consider boom lifts that deliver low-noise operation and create zero emissions. For these reasons, you may choose to hire an electric boom lift. At All Star Access Hire, we even have rough terrain electric boom hire for projects on uneven terrain with zero tolerance for emissions.

Here’s a complete list of boom lift types we have available for hire:

row of boom lifts

On-site assessments

You may need to organise an on-site assessment to assess the worksite and ensure the correct access equipment is ordered for your project. If you don’t have much experience selecting machines for boom lift hire, don’t worry. We conduct free on-site assessments, where we visit your worksite and discuss your requirements with you. First, we see the environment you’re working in and ask questions to get any extra information we need from you. Then we can make an informed recommendation on the kind of equipment that would serve you well. This on-site assessment service takes the guesswork out of choosing access equipment, ensuring your boom lift hire facilitates greater efficiency without sacrificing safety.

yellow boom lift

Site restrictions

The amount of space available on your worksite will determine the equipment you should opt for. While some sites have room for a telescopic boom, other circumstances call for the versatility of an articulated boom lift, especially if there are obstacles that you need to move around to access the desired heights. Other options are available for EWP equipment, such as scissor lifts and telehandlers. Still, boom lift hire offers high reach, and the articulated booms, in particular, provide a superior ability to manoeuvre. Electric boom lifts offer the additional advantage of being low in noise.

Access height and reach

You will need to know exactly how high you need to go when accessing the worksite. Some boom lifts offer a more significant reach than others. Ensure you have chosen boom lifts for hire that can do the job you need them to. While articulated booms are great for confined spaces or getting around obstacles, telescopic boom lift hire is usually preferred for maximising access height.

Value comparison

Price is only one consideration when you’re looking for a company for boom lift hire. At All Star Access Hire, we have one of the best operations teams in the industry. That means we are always there when you need us. Our 24/7 breakdown service is guaranteed to get your machines moving again no matter what time of the day or night. We understand that a broken-down machine means a loss of efficiency and money down the drain. That’s why we keep our machines well maintained, while our operations team is always only a call away. 


These are just some of the necessary considerations regarding boom lifts for hire. Use our handy checklist to ensure you don’t forget any important points when deciding on what equipment to hire. Our operations team is always here to help with on-site assessments and 24/7 emergency breakdown support.