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What to consider when hiring a boom lift

When you have a project that demands access to high or hard-to-reach places, a boom lift might be just what you need to tackle the job safely and efficiently.

Whether you’re preparing for construction, maintenance, or any task requiring elevated access, understanding the ins and outs of boom lift hire will ensure you get the right tool for the job. Here are key considerations to help guide your decision.


Assess your worksite

The first step in choosing the right equipment is to size up your worksite. Different environments will require different kinds of boom lifts. For example, consider whether you are working indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor projects: For tasks on uneven terrain, such as construction sites or landscapes, consider a track mounted or rough terrain boom lift. These are equipped with specialised tyres or tracks that handle difficult ground conditions.

Indoor projects: When working indoors, especially in confined spaces, look for electric or hybrid boom lifts that are quieter and less likely to emit harmful fumes. For everything you need to know about the different types of boom lifts and more, check out our comprehensive guide.


Determine the necessary reach

Understanding how high and how far you need to reach is also essential when selecting a boom lift.

Vertical reach: Different models offer varying maximum heights. Ensure the boom lift you choose will be able to reach the required height for the task at hand. A telescopic boom is designed for outdoor use and reaching exceptional heights.

Horizontal reach: If your project involves manoeuvring or reaching out over obstacles, consider the horizontal extension capabilities of the boom lift. Articulated boom lifts are ideal for navigating around obstacles and moving through tight or confined indoor spaces.

A range of boom lifts from All Star Access Hire

Request an onsite assessment

At All Star, one of our experienced team members can come to your site and help you:

Identify specific requirements: We’ll work with you to evaluate potential obstacles, the height required, any ground conditions, and workspace limitations to recommend the most suitable boom lift.

Prioritise safety and efficiency: The right equipment reduces risks and increases operational efficiency, ensuring that your project proceeds smoothly and safely.


Ensure operators have the correct license

In Australia, operating a boom lift requires a specific license. Talk to us about any licensing requirements needed for the equipment you want and the different training options we provide.


Partnering with the right boom lift hire company

When you’re choosing a boom lift hire company to work with, consider the following:

Service and support: Choose a company that offers excellent customer service, support, and training on how to use the equipment safely. At All Star, we offer full-service boom lift hire, from our free onsite assessment to transporting your equipment.

Availability and variety: We have a modern fleet of access equipment that includes a wide range of boom lifts to suit various projects and job sizes. You’ll find all your favourite models from the brands you know and trust.

Value comparison: Price isn’t the only factor when it comes to value. We have one of the best operations and mechanical teams in the industry. That means we’re always there when you need us with our 24/7 breakdown support and dedicated maintenance services.


Ready to give your project the lift it needs?

By carefully considering these factors, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the ideal boom lift for your project. Give the All-Star team a call, or swing by to check out our epic selection and get your project off the ground today.