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If you want a forklift built for Aussie worksites, Enforcer is the brand you need to know.


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Discover Enforcer’s rough terrain resilience

If you’re after EWP equipment built to thrive on tough terrain, there’s no better brand than Enforcer. Rugged and reliable, Enforcer forklifts are designed to give your operations an edge. That’s why we offer Enforcer as part of All Star’s fleet. No matter the size or terrain, from rough, uneven construction sites to bustling warehouses, an Enforcer will keep you on top of your projects.

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Rough and ready Enforcer forklifts

As the industry’s demand for lightweight, heavy-duty forklifts grows, so does the demand for Enforcer’s superior range. With machines that offer high-ground clearance, compact 4WD, and high-performance diesel engines, Enforcer should be the first thing that comes to mind when you need consistently fast and efficient work done in the roughest terrain.

All Star: Helping you reach further

At All Star, we understand that all Victorian worksites are different. Being a locally born and bred hire company, we always strive to supply local businesses with EWP equipment that handles and excels in any environment. It’s the reason we choose to partner with superior brands like Enforcer so that you can reap the benefits.


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