EWP licences: What they are and why they matter

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In Victoria’s construction and logistics industries, a safe workplace is one where all workers have the correct training and licences for the job. And Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws demand safe workplaces. 

An EWP licence is one such licence. But what is an EWP licence, and what purpose do they serve? Let’s look at the importance of obtaining this type of licence and why All Star is the smart choice for your EWP training needs.


What is an EWP licence?

First things first: EWP stands for Elevated Work Platform. Vehicles that fall into the EWP category include boom and scissor lifts. These vehicles give users temporary access to inaccessible areas, often at height. An EWP licence is any certification that allows you to safely and legally operate these vehicles. 

As with motor vehicles, there are different types of EWP licences. At All Star, we have training for the following:

  • EWPA Yellow Card
  • Worksafe WP Licence

Forklifts and telehandlers, though similar, fall under the category of Material Handling Equipment (MHE). To operate them, you’ll need: 

  • Telehandler Gold Card
  • Forklift Licence


Compliance is key: Why the correct licence matters

Why do you need an MHE or EWP licence? For the same reason, you need a car licence: safety! Operating heavy machinery can be dangerous for the operator and anyone nearby. Granted, a licence doesn’t guarantee that accidents never happen. Instead, it shows you can operate the vehicle correctly and safely. 

Aside from safety, it’s also against the law not to hold a licence when operating these vehicles. The penalties for not complying can be severe. That’s why it’s best to do the right thing and get the proper accreditation. 

A visual comparison of the different types of EWP licenses, including EWPA Yellow Card, Telehandler Gold Card, Worksafe WP License and a Forklift License.



Training with All Star: The different licences explained  

Getting the correct MHE or EWP licence not only ensures you’re adequately equipped to do your job, but it also ensures a smooth transition into your job, free from any compliance issues or delays. All Star offers training for the following licences:


EWPA Yellow Card

The Yellow Card, created by the Elevated Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA), is a licence that states you have the skills and knowledge to operate Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (commonly known as EWPs). These include scissor lifts, trailer lifts, and boom lifts under 11m. 

Each piece of equipment has its own training module. At All Star, you can choose single or multiple modules, depending on your needs.    


WorkSafe WP Licence

If your job requires you to operate a boom lift over 11m, you need a WorkSafe WP Licence. While the knowledge and skills gained in this training are similar to those gained in Yellow Card training, there’s an added focus on the high-risk factors involved with working at such heights. 


Telehandler Gold Card

To operate a telehandler safely and legally, you need a Telehandler Gold Card. This licence is divided into four training modules, each of which applies to a different telehandler attachment (Fork, Crane Jib, Earthmoving Bucket, and Other). 

As with Yellow Card training, you can choose the number of training modules depending on your needs. 


Forklift Licence

A forklift licence is classed as a high-risk work (HRW) licence. Upon completing this training, you’ll be able to safely operate a forklift truck with mast and elevating load carriage. 

Note: this training is for a forklift truck (LF), not an order-picking forklift truck (LO). 


Why choose All Star for your EWP training needs?

Because no one offers EWP licence training like All Star. Over 30 years of experience enables us to provide comprehensive, nationally-recognised courses that adapt to changes in industry regulation. 

Our expert trainers also understand that everyone has a different learning style. That’s why we provide a mix of practical and theoretical lessons to help cater to all students. We’re also flexible with lesson delivery. No matter how you learn best, we can accommodate it. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book one of our courses today or chat with a member of our friendly team, and together, let’s kick-start your career journey!